aioMarket is an ALL IN ONE Place for all kind of digital assets, we offer our subscribers the ability to download available items for their own use, and if they didn't found the needed item one any of the repositories availabe on our website, we make a request section to receive their needs and complete their requests by providing them the needed item within their active subscription.
Our site doesn't offer refunds on subscriptions as we are serving digital files , so if you subscribe today to a premium subscription and ask for a refund after you downloaded all the repo isn't possible, so all our subscriptions are final deals , but on requests if we can't get you the item you paid for , we will issue a refund to your internal balance.
Our files are served directly from the original website, if only we found a way to link that directly into the original site, scan and check the files we are sure 100% that the files are original, clear and safe.
In your dashboard, you find a way to change your password , or if you can't remember your current one, just use the recovery on the login page, you will receive a link to change your password.


Our subscribers are monthly or yearly based , when you are a subscribed member , you have the ability to download any item from our repo and request any not found item, the only difference is the quotas , each subscription has it's quota and reduction on requests, pleae find all the details on our pricing page.
Yes , you can cancel anytime at the end of your current subscription term.
For repo downloads and elements downloads , your only choice is to upgrade to another subscription.


The repository is filled by our lowal and lovely subscribers, means all our items are added by requests, it means that each time a new item is requested the subscriber receives his product along with activation help*, and the item is automatically added into the repository.
We do not host any file on our servers, all files are hosted in, when you want to download an item from the repo ( repository ), just click on the download button, within your subscription a download page with a link to the mega download page will be shown, where you can copy the link and download the item .
Basic & premium subscribers can request updates for the existing items in our repository, to do that you have to click request update under the download button of an item, our AI will check if the item needs an update the request will be sent to our staff, withing a min of time (24-48h) the update will be uploaded and you will get an email notification when it's ready.
If you are looking for an item and you don't know where it belongs , it's easy just make sure you are in the all repository , use the search button to write the title of the item you are looking for , if you still didn't find the item use our request section to request the item with it's original link , if the item is found you will get a notice about that.


The need of our subscribers are different, we can't have all items in our repos, we created requests to serve our members, if you are looking for an item who's not found on our repo, we can deliver it right to you with an activation help ( license shared from our sources).
Our requests accepts directly any envato market URL , themeforest,codecanyon,graphicriver...(no elements) etc and send those requests directly into processing status, this means that the request is handled by our AI and it will be delivered whitin the mentioned time on request, but if you are requesting a misc item which is not envato related , the request needs to be reviewed by a staff and it will be accepted and delivered or rejected, in any situation you will be informed by email.
We provide activation help for the first time use of the product only , we are not responsible of what's happening after the first activation.
As many as you want , as long as you meet the min balance for each request, your request will be sent and fullfilled within the mentioned time.


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