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Woocommerce Pickup Locations (Local Pickup) wordpress plugin

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  • 01 Mar 2020
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28 Apr 2020
08 Nov 2016

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Woocommerce Pickup Locations (Local Pickup) wordpress plugin

Item Description

Woocommerce Pickup locations

allow store owners to define various pickup points and allow their customers to come and pick up their product purchased by visiting the pickup locations. 

Please note due to recent changes in google map policy, we have give a new setting option to enter your own google map api key. Also, Please note the recent woocommerce version have conflict with our plugin due to select2 (autosuggest dropdown). We have submitted new version that allows to disable select2. Please use the latest version.


You can create one or more pickup locations (branches) and customer can select the nearest pickup location. For each pickup location, you can define the complete address, contact details, map it on Google map, working hour’s etc details. In case that location is not selected on the map then plugin will try to get the location from the address field. You can also import multiple locations using csv import.

Customer can select the nearest location on map directly or select it using the radiobutton /dropdown. Selected pickup location will be saved against order and will be displayed to admin order section and as well as the frontend customer order details section. Selected pickup store owner will receive the order email with same details. By default, pickup location cost is zero. You can specify cost for pickup locations also. You can place this pickup location options on cart page as well as checkout page. It will automatically load all the stores on map also and you can use search feature to select the store on map. Apart from this, you can place map shortcode on any page to display all pickup points.


  1. Create unlimited pickup locations
  2. Show pickup location based on products in cart
  3. Define pickup location on map
  4. Define contact details, email, working hours etc for each pickup location
  5. Define various settings related to pickup points like cost, where to display pickup points, whether to show map or not, show options in radiobutton or dropdown etc.
  6. Allows customer to choose pickup point and specify the date/time of arrival
  7. Pickup location will receive email on order confirmation
  8. Order details will have all the details about pickup location, date/time
  9. Allows you to define marker image on Google map
  10. Allows multiple pickup location submission using csv upload
  11. Display all pickup location on map so user can select nearest location easily.
  12. Shortcode to display all pickup locations on Google map. You can use this to show it on any page.
  13. Search on google map.
  14. Plugin can also be used to display all your stores location or any address on Google map using shortcodes.
  15. Search within radius in map for nearest store
  16. Add pickup price based on the min order price condition
  17. Set min and max. time per order


Add Pickup points

Front End Pickup location

Various Customization Options

Shortcode to display pickup points