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Marbel Kids Learning Read & Write HTML5 Mobile Applications Admob

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  • 17 Dec 2020
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18 Dec 2020
26 Dec 2016

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Marbel Kids Learning Read & Write HTML5 Mobile Applications Admob

Item Description

Marbel KIDS LEARNING READ and WRITE are educational applications for children.

An application that provides a set menu for children’s education, such as: - Letter recognition - The introduction of figures - The introduction of fruit / vegetables - Introduction of animals - The introduction of vehicles - And also practice writing course

How To Use :

On the home screen select the language used, for the moment this app only supports 2 languages ie English and Indonesian only. Then will appear the menu of applications such as: - Menu introduction letters & numbers - Menu introduction of fruit / vegetables - Menu introduction of animals - Menu introduction Vehicles - Menu learn to write letters and numbers - And the last bit of a collection of songs the children. After selecting one of the menu then it will go to the pages in the selected, to move an existing screen right next button back button to go back, and in this application is equipped sound so will allow children in learning.

Feature :

- Made with Construct2 Game engine - Supports Android, IOS and HTML5 - Effect sound - Attractive design for children - Supports landscape mode