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Keyword SEO Rank Tracker - WordPress SERP Tracker

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Keyword SEO Rank Tracker - WordPress SERP Tracker

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Effectively Monitor Keyword Rankings

If your goal is to drive more traffic to your website, you want to be sure that your SEO efforts are paying off. Keyword rank tracking is the most common practice done by SEO professionals and bloggers in order to check if keywords are appearing on the Google search results for the query they want to appear for.

By knowing your rankings you can solve 2 main problems:

  • Know how your efforts are showing off and if they are not ranking, you know what to do to get them on top.
  • If your keywords are ranking, you can monetize the pages that have high organic traffic.

In order to accomplish this goal, you need a tool which can tell you where a specific keyword ranks in SERP without manually going through 100’s of search results and pages.

The most important thing is that the tool should be compatible with WordPress 100% Accurate Keyword Rank Position.

You can see your biggest gains and losses across thousands of keywords, also new and lost positions.

WordPress SEO Keyword Rank Tracker Plugin track and check unlimited keyword ranking/position on SERPs.

This tool helps you reduce time to follow your own keywords rank as well as competitors We offer more than any other similar tools when having integrated keyword rank tracker functionality into many main features:

  • Monitor the keyword ranking for
  • Any Locations: You can easily track your keyword rankings across 170 countries.
  • Any Languages: Most of languages are available for tracking.
  • Any Devices: Desktop, Mobile

Just simply input or import your keywords and select country and language you would like to track on any device.

Then SEO Rank Tracker will start tracking and send you a relevant results.

  • Desktop and Mobile Ranking

Although SEO for mobile and desktop follow the same basic principles and best practices, keyword ranking for each is different.

Mobile users are often closer to the transactional phase, while desktop users are usually closer to the informational phase.

Track ranking of keywords on each device can help you give the right decision to adapt well your strategy.

  • Advanced and Smart Data Metrics See deeper and clear insights with a list of up-to-date key metrics for each of your tracked keywords.

  • Average position In a period of time, the position of your keyword may go up and down. However, if you can control the average the position during this time. You can conclude whether your SEO strategy needs to be adjusted or not.

  • Estimated organic traffic We can calculate the approximate value of keyword ranking you can get fairly easily by taking the average monthly search volume.

With the est traffic, you can have a better preparation for your SEO campaigns.

  • Search volume This stat help you identify the appropriate keywords you should choose for your SEO plan.

  • Historical Rankings Check where a website or web page used to rank for any keyword in any time of the past. You can understand how good or bad your keywords are over time. Moreover, you use the same way to track your competitors.

  • Visualize Data by Graph and Chart The data can be presented on ranking reports and on multiple-metric Graphs and Charts You can easily monitor the effects of changes.

  • Sort and Filter Keywords WordPress SEO Rank Tracker organize the data exactly the way you want with multiple filters You can easily sort your keywords list with filters and tags. Or get a high-level view of ranking progress by grouping your keywords. With this feature, you can easily and clearly see the results and determine the solution.

Upcoming Features Last but not least, the upcoming features will surprise you

  1. Compare
  2. SERPs feature search: See how well you rank for SERP features Check which SERP features exist for your tracked keywords and how many of them you own.
  3. Generate ranking reports

Keep following your ranking changes right in your inbox alert notification feature.

SEO Keyword Rank Tracker sends you email reports detailing the most notable performance in your keyword rankings, with any changes of your position in keywords ranking.

  1. Daily report
  2. Alerts change update
  3. Report scheduling
  4. Email report
  5. Measure Up Your Competitors

Keep close eyes on how your competitors are going.

Manually add up to many competitors and check their keyword positions the same way you check yours. Additionally, you can find out a full list of your competitors that can be discovered on the Тоp-10 results page.

Or the tool automatically reports on some main key areas:

  • Ranking progress
  • SERPs checker

Notice: This plugin require WordPress 4.8+ and PHP 7.1+. Please ask your hosting provider to upgrade the PHP version if you want to use our plugins