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Follow up email for woocommerce

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  • 28 Jan 2020
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29 Jan 2020
07 Oct 2014

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    28 Jan 2020

Follow up email for woocommerce

Item Description

Woocommerce Follow up email

An indispensable tool to stay in close touch with your customers

Key benefits

Send email to customer based on their behaviors
  • Send email when a customer abandons their cart
  • Send notification after customer has placed their order
  • Send followup email from Woocommerce when order status changes
  • Send email when customers have signed up but not bought anything for a period of time
Send email to customers on their particular events
Create, edit and send coupons
Easily manage the mass of emails
  • Configure the unlimited number of emails
  • Create unlimited rules to send emails

Key features

  • When a customer abandons their cart

abandoned cart reminder

  • Before (on or after ) x days of customer’s birthday

birthday coupon

  • After customer place order

follow up emails

  • After customer place order and the order obtain a particular status and items of order satisfied defined condition

woocommerce follow up emails

  • To all customers on specific day

follow up emails plugin

  • After x days to registered users that have not yet purchased anything

purchase reminder

  • Built – in email template

follow up emails plugin

  • Send newsletter for subscribers

follow up emails plugin