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Eventmie Pro - Multi-organization Event Management & Ticket Selling Platform

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Eventmie Pro - Multi-organization Event Management & Ticket Selling Platform

Item Description

Eventmie Pro – Create a dedicated multi-organization platform for Event Planning with Laravel

Event Planning Platform Reimagined. Start selling events on your own domain.


What is Eventmie?

Eventmie is an Event planning and management Laravel package. With Eventmie, launch a dedicated platform for Event planning on your domain. Streamline the event planning process through automation. Eventmie is secure, scalable, production-ready.

Just install it into a brand new Laravel application or an existing one and start selling your events with ZERO commission & 100% PROFIT.

V1.3.0 Released

  • Added new faster & smoother checkout process.
  • New UI design for Checkout Popup.
  • Added new Offline payment method (cash-on-arrival).
  • Added option in Admin Panel -> Settings -> Bookings, to enable/disable Offline Payment method for Organizers & Customers.
  • Added option in Admin Panel -> Settings -> Site, to change footer credits.
  • Optimized QrCode Scanner page and added an alert to Allow the camera.
  • Now, the event start date can be equal or greater than today instead of tomorrow.
  • Added tags types display e.g John Doe (speaker) in the Tag selection box, Event setup form -> Powered by Tab.
  • Disable Events option removed for Organizer. The organizer can publish/unpublish event while Admin can force disable the event.
  • Disabled events aren’t visible to the site visitors & customers.
  • When a booking is canceled, the commission of that canceled booking get excluded automatically and won’t be sum-up in the Organizer earnings.
  • On the homepage, changed the order of the featured events section to the top.

And much more. See what’s new in v1.3.0 here – v1.3.0 updates

Eventmie Pro – Installation with Installer – Watch Installation VideoEventmie Pro - Multi-organization Event Management & Ticket Selling Platform - 1

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Awesome & Advanced Features

  • Everything You Need
    Streamline the event planning process through automation. Eventmie is secure, scalable, production-ready & has got everything you need. 
  • Laravel Package
    Eventmie is a Laravel Package. Hence, you can create a brand new website or install it onto an existing Laravel website at your desired URL prefix. 
  • Global Usability
    Multi-regional, timezones, languages including RTL support. Set default regional settings and use Eventmie anywhere in the world. 
  • Extra Responsive & Friendly UI
    Fully responsive design, optimized for a mobile-first experience, including iPad, iPad-pro, small screen laptop & large desktops. 
  • Host a Multi-Vendor Event Platform
    Allow multiple organizers to publish events on your website while earning commissions on each paid booking.

eventmie-Host a Multi-Vendor Event Platform

  • Setup. Publish. Promote.
    Want a dedicated website for your events? Eventmie is a one-stop solution to publish, promote, and make your event a success.

eventmie-Setup. Publish. Promote.

  • Customize Event Frequency
    Whether an organizer has a one-time event or desires repetitive scheduling, they can easily customize its frequency with the touch of a button.

eventmie-Customize Event Frequency

  • Trouble-Free Checkout Process
    Sell out an event with our seamless booking process that increases conversions and maximizes customer retention.

eventmie-Trouble-Free Checkout Process

  • PDF Ticket with QrCode (new v1.2)
    After checkout, customers get PDF tickets with unique QrCode on each.

eventmie-PDF Ticket with QrCode (new v1.2)

  • Integrated Ticket Scanner (new v1.2)
    Scan & validate customers’ tickets on event entrance & check them in with integrated Ticket Scanner app.

eventmie-Integrated Ticket Scanner (new v1.2) 

  • Organizer Earnings (new v1.2)
    Organizers can manage & track their Event’s net revenue, earnings, and monthly payouts easily.

eventmie-Organizer Earnings (new v1.2)

  • Admin Commission & Organizer Payout Transfer
    Admin can manage their commissions for multiple organizers every month and transfer monthly payouts to organizers.

eventmie-Revenue & Commission

  • Multiple Booking Configurations
    Whether an organizer’s event is free, paid, or has a maximum ticket quantity, our various booking configurations have you covered.

eventmie-Multiple Booking Configurations

  • Event Tags (new v1.2)
    Create and link unlimited tags to events e.g Speakers, Sponsors, DJs, Hosts, Chief-guests, and more.

eventmie-Event Tags (new v1.2)

  • Event Tags Profiles
    By adding different types of tags to an event, customers can learn more about them and will know exactly what to expect.

eventmie-Event Speaker Profiles

  • Earn From Sponsors
    Create free or paid sponsored events by adding sponsors to your events.

eventmie-Earn From Sponsors

  • You’re in Control
    Adjust settings like commission rates, default currency, timezone, language, and so much more from the convenience of your admin panel.

eventmie-You’re in Control

  • Toggle Multi-Vendor
    Whether you want to use Eventmie as a Saas platform or as a single organization website, enable or disable the multi-vendor option in one click.

eventmie-Toggle Multi-Vendor

  • Add Pages & Blog Posts
    Spread the word about your brand and boost search engine optimization by easily generating content for your website.

eventmie-Add Pages & Blog Posts

  • Laravel Voyager Admin Panel
    We’ve integrated the Laravel Voyager package into the Eventmie package in a way that you can still upgrade Voyager with new upcoming versions.

eventmie-Laravel Voyager Admin Panel

  • Install via Composer
    Install Eventmie in a matter of minutes with no experience required. Simply install it like a Laravel Package.

eventmie-Install via Composer

  • Or. Install via Installer
    For non-developers. Eventmie Pro comes with an Installer. Which makes the installation process fully automated.

eventmie-Or. Install via Installer

Why Choose Eventmie Pro ?

  • Get The Source Code & Deploy On Your Server
    Our all-inclusive event planning solution gives organizers everything they need to deliver a successful event. Eventmie handles the entire process from start to finish, providing value to both organizers and customers. With Eventmie, you’ll create an experience that participants will talk about for a long time. 
  • Boost Event Attendance
    Don’t just let your event blend in. Make your event stand out on your platform and accelerate ticket sales. 
  • Maximize Profits
    Stop paying unnecessary commissions on every sale. With Eventmie, sell out your entire event and keep 100% of the generated revenue. 
  • Responsive. Secure. Robust
    Protecting your customers with state-of-the-art security and a clean and attractive user-interface regardless of screen size. Optimized for all devices in an increasingly mobile-friendly world. 
  • Full Support From Installation to Deployment
    Whether you want us to install it on your server, manage it every month, want to request a new feature, or have any other query, our support team is here for you every step of the way.

Our Services for Eventmie Pro

  • Free Installation (Non-Developer License only)
    You get free installation, deployment & server setup for all premium products.
  • 2 Years Free Updates
    You get premium product updates for free for 2 years
  • 6 Months Free Support
    You get 6 months free premium support on all premium products
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  • Support Tickets
    You can submit Support Tickets for any kind of personalized support.