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Appointly - Perfex CRM Appointments

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  • 26 Mar 2020
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29 Jan 2020
13 Jan 2020

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Appointly - Perfex CRM Appointments

Item Description

NOTE: This is not a standalone appointments module, module requires Perfex CRM application version 2.4.1 installed, this is a module for Perfex CRM.


Introduction to Appointly – Appointments module for Perfex CRM


Appointly is a module for Perfex CRM that you can schedule appointments to your CRM and schedule also from external forms on multiple websites and manage your Appointments with ease, the appointments module is designed for fast creating appointments to ease your communication with your contacts, also you can include staff as attendees with details as subject, description, date and time and many other features. Appointly offers users to add request appointment form to any of your websites and clients can directly ask for an appointment. Appointments can be created with a specific start time and location with option to include Internal or External Contact and also include staff as attendees. The module is flexible with simple nice looking design and easy to use. Offers options as External Form can be embed(added) to any website, Internal Contact, External Contact and as some of very handy and best features for an appointment Email NotificationsSMS Notifications, Reminders, Early Reminders, Appointment Types, Calendar color events, Cancel Appointment (Client side description required), Confirm as Finished and many more other features to come.


  • Embed (iFrame) form to any of your websites (can be added to multiple websites)
  • Staff permissions ( View-Global, View-Own, Edit, Delete )
  • Live push notifications (New Appointment, Appointment Cancelled, Request Cancellation, Pending Approval, Updated)
  • Dashboard Widget
  • Today’s Appointments Calendar sync
  • Option to Edit Appointment
  • Option to Delete Appointment
  • Option to Cancel appointment
  • Option set default table filter
  • Option set clients to book appointments logged in or before login
  • Calendar type events
  • Appointment Notes
  • Appointment Types
  • Calendar type color events in staff and clients area
  • Books appointments directly from customers area
  • General appointment view
  • General appointment view separate for external public client url client (hashed and unique)
  • General appointment view separate for internal staff private CRM url attendee
  • Assign Multiple Staff Attendees
  • Internal Appointment (Contacts)
  • External Appointment
  • External iFrame Form (Contact)
  • SMS Notifications and Notification reminders
  • Email Notifications and email reminders
  • Reminder Notifications
  • Send Early Reminder
  • Reschedule appointment (Mark as Ongoing)
  • Email Templates
    • Appointment Approved to (Staff and Attendees)
    • Appointment Cancelled to (Staff and Attendees)
    • Appointment Approved to (Contact)
    • Appointment Cancelled to (Contact)
    • Appointment reminder to (Staff and Attendees)
    • Appointment reminder to (Contact)
  • SMS Templates
    • Note: Make sure that all your SMS templates in Setup->Setting->SMS are filled with some content as given in the example below or SMS will not be sent if your SMS templateis empty.
    • Appointment Approved to (Contact)
    • Appointment Cancelled to (Contact)
    • Appointment Reminder to (Contact)
  • Dashboard Today’s Appointments Widget
    • Add today’s appointments widget to your dashboard
  • All your appointments are shown and synced with your calendar
    • Directly open appointment from calendar
    • Calendar colored events
  • Flexible date and time manipulation
    • Busy hours and dates indicator
    • Also available in external form
  • Email and SMS notifications :
    • Send Email and SMS notifications to contact / attendees on creation, approval or editing existing appointment
    • Email Templates for Appointments (translate ready)
    • Custom content and subject
    • Custom admin email templates and SMS
    • Appointment Confirmation
    • Appointment Cancellation
    • HTML content via WYSIWYG editor in Email Templates
    • Custom statuses for different status of appointments : pending, approved, cancelled, confirmed, upcoming
    • Template merge fields, in SMS and Email templates
    • Action Hooks
  • Table Filters
    • All
    • Approved
    • Not Approved
    • Cancelled
    • Finished
    • Finished
  • Live Search
  • Source: eg. Internal (Contact) / External (Can be marked as External from Inside CRM or External Contact from any website you added Appointly embed form)
  • Appointment due date pointers
  • Appointment busy dates pointers
  • Responsive Bootstrap Layout
  • Available languages: English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese Brazil and Polish
  • Translate ready

Screenshots Overview

Appointment Dashboard Widget

Appointly - Perfex CRM Appointments - 1

Appointment Calendar

Appointly - Perfex CRM Appointments - 2Appointly - Perfex CRM Appointments - 3

Table View

Appointly - Perfex CRM Appointments - 4

Appointment Settings

Appointly - Perfex CRM Appointments - 5Appointly - Perfex CRM Appointments - 6

New Appointment

Appointly - Perfex CRM Appointments - 7

Appointment View

Appointly - Perfex CRM Appointments - 8Appointly - Perfex CRM Appointments - 9Appointly - Perfex CRM Appointments - 10

Edit Appointment

Appointly - Perfex CRM Appointments - 11Appointly - Perfex CRM Appointments - 12

Appointment Cancelled

Appointly - Perfex CRM Appointments - 13Appointly - Perfex CRM Appointments - 14Appointly - Perfex CRM Appointments - 15

Appointment External iFrame Form

Appointly - Perfex CRM Appointments - 16

Appointment Public URL

Appointly - Perfex CRM Appointments - 17


Appointly - Perfex CRM Appointments - 18Appointly - Perfex CRM Appointments - 19

Mobile Ready

Appointly - Perfex CRM Appointments - 20Appointly - Perfex CRM Appointments - 21


Version 1.1.0 01/22/2020

  • New: Added busy dates (booked hours) lookup in clients external form and calendar language
  • New: Customers can book appointments if not logged in from customers area (Admin can enable disable this option)
  • New: Customers can book appointments when logged in from customers area (Admin can enable disable this option)
  • New: Added meeting notes with WYSIWYG editor, option to upload images.
  • New: Added new option to set default table filter (per user)
  • New: Added new option Appointments Summary can be enabled or disabled (per user)
  • New: Added staff roles in appointment external clients view
  • New: Added new option Send Early Appointment reminders Email and SMS (Can be reused per your needs)
  • New: Appointment Types (Option to create custom appointment types)
  • New: Appointment types will be shown in staff and clients calendar (own if not Admin)
  • New: Added new languages German, French, Italian, Portuguese Brazil and Polish
  • Improved: Changed date format for all appointments according to default date format due to better and global readability for all clients.Date format is in Setup->Settings->Localization
  • Improved: Added half hours to already existing booking hours
  • Fixed: Notification not send always when creating internal meeting

Date published 01/13/2020

Initial release compatible with latest version of Perfex CRM 2.4.1 and PHP 7.X.X